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Version 1.5.0 | 12.08.2021

New features in this release:

  • feature to switch Philips Hue interaction from BLE to ZigBee
  • tap and hold devices in ZigBee devices list to identify them via the network

Reworked features and improvements:

  • reworked entire filtering system
  • new toolbar style
  • new animations (page transitions)
  • minor style adjustments (status bar color, navigation bar color)

Fixed bugs and issues:

  • fixed bug in clients guide that caused app to crash
  • fixed bug in Philips Hue Pairing that caused UI misbehaviours
  • fixed bug in BLE-Connect that notified the user the device disconnected when the status “alreadyConnected” is received

Version 1.4.0 | 31.08.2021

New features in this release:

  • additional Philips Hue features (BLE-Connect)
    • color temperature slider in interaction page
    • button to rename the Hue Lamp
    • page will change color according to the lamp
    • directly connect to lamps using the BLE-Scanner feature
  • implementation of Aruba-IoT ZigBee functionality
    • Philips Hue implementation
      • interaction page identical to the BLE-Connect implementation
      • state control
      • brightness control
      • color temperature control
      • full color control (RGB, Hue, Saturation, XY)
      • demo animations (identical to BLE-Connect implementation)
      • lamp identification (lamp will flash 3 seconds)
      • ZigBee-Address can be resolved using the BLE-Connect feature of the app
    • generic implementation
      • actions: predefined/custom payloads that can be sent to the remote device
      • triggers: actions that can be triggered when receiving a specific message from the device (not supported yet)
      • custom messages: completely custom or predefined types e.g. On/Off Command, Read Request, …
      • implemented message templates, clusters, profiles, attributes from ZigBee Cluster Library Specification
      • inbound/outbound messages graph
      • basic parsing of inbound/outbound ZigBee messages
    • device database
      • saves device information e.g. ZigBee-Address, Name, Reporter MAC, …
      • types: collection of actions/triggers that can be shared across multiple devices
    • Aruba configuration template generator
      • ZigBee socket device template generation for Aruba OS & Instant
  • additional BLE-Scanning features
    • detection of nearby Philips Hue Lamps when scanning for BLE devices
    • added new information to BLE-Devices details page
    • parts of information on BLE-Devices details page now copyable

Reworked features and improvements:

  • reworked user interface of copy dialog

Fixed bugs and issues:

  • fixed bug that disabled back press when completing any guide

Version 1.3.1 | 31.07.2021

Fixed bugs and issues:

  • fixed bug that caused documentation to crash

Version 1.3.0 | 30.07.2021

New features in this release:

  • new documentation home page
  • new aruba documentation
  • new documentation search feature
  • updated Android dependencies

Version 1.2.2 | 25.07.2021

New features in this release:

  • search function in app preferences
  • relative anchors in app documentation

Version 1.2.1 | 19.07.2021

Fixed bugs and issues:

  • fixed bug that caused app in BLE-Connect page to crash
  • fixed bug in BLE-Connect bonds database that caused app to stop working
  • fixed bug that caused app dashboard to crash

Note: Reinstallation of the application may be required due to this update.

Version 1.2.0 | 18.07.2021

New features in this release:

  • server traffic details page
    • evaluates data such as current read, current write, total data received
    • values displayed inside graph
  • implementation of Aruba IoT BLE-Connect functionality
    • connecting to devices via sensors
    • authenticating, pairing and bonding with devices via sensors
    • reading and writing on GATT-services/characteristics of connected devices
    • support of GATT-Notification and GATT-Indication (currently only in interaction)
    • Philips Hue control panel
      • full control of Philips Hue lamps nearby
      • full RGB color control
      • color temperature control
      • animation support
  • BLE-Connect presets
    • functionality to save connection presets (device and sensor)
    • shortcuts to open connections to previous devices
    • connection and security information of device can be stored
    • functionality to reconnect after successful authentication
  • bug reporting feature
    • bugs and crashes can now be reported using the app
    • crashes: using the dialog that appears when the app crashes OR at Settings –> Advanced –> Recent crashes
    • bugs: using the app: Main drawer –> Report a bug
  • new Web-Dashboard error page
  • new documentation features
    • support of anchors
    • support of vector images
    • zoom gestures when viewing images
  • new server features
    • support of both HTTP and HTTPS (HTTP requests, except for certificate download will be redirected to HTTPS because of security concerns)
    • global traffic analysis and output
    • per connection traffic analysis and output
    • server will save count and size of all messages instead of only relevant data
    • various versions of the TLS protocol can be enabled and disabled
      • protocol version and cipher suites of each client are displayed in the clients page
  • new online documentation (
    • updated theme, content and navigation
  • new status bar notifications
    • the app is now able to display critical errors in the statusbar of the device
    • this feature is e.g. used in case the app loses the connection to the local network

Reworked features and improvements:

  • updated dashboard
    • reworked style
    • additional server traffic card
  • reworked certificate details page
  • reworked certificate generator dialog
    • updated components
    • fixed data loss on rotation
    • added certificate generation in background without dialog
  • reworked BLE-Testing beacon info dialog
    • new dialog style
    • displays all important information
    • values can be copied to clipboard
  • added external content warning when opening links in documentation and licenses
  • shortened and improved various log messages
  • authentication no longer required when trying to download server certificate
  • comments will now be removed when copying configuration templates

Fixed bugs and issues:

  • fixed bug: app crashing when rotating the dashboard
  • fixed bug: advertiser name not cloned properly
  • fixed bug: data collection not loaded when rotating in northbound details
  • fixed bug: app crashing when deleting multiple clients at a time
  • fixed bug: app crashing in clients list due to formatting errors
  • fixed bug: certificate was not downloadable from the web-dashboard
  • fixed bug: anchors in documentation not always redirecting properly
  • fixed bug: axis scale in history graph too big when receiving invalid RSSI
  • fixed bug: BLE Testing advertiser has been removed after the guide has finished

Version 1.1.0 | 02.04.2021

New features in this release:

  • added support for multiple connections and WebSockets per client
  • added client allow-list and deny-list
  • replaced “Reconnecting”-status with “Authenticated”-status
  • added maximum connection threshold (other connections will be discarded)
  • added cooldown timer for offline connections (session will be removed when time expired)
  • added “IoT-Connector” support (early access)
    • new “IoT-Connector”-page with guide and documentation
    • new “IoT-Connector-Details”-page with guide and documentation
    • support for Telemetry and BLE-data topic
  • new authentication features
    • added url-encoded client connection
    • added authentication during handshake if supported by the client
  • Material Components library updated to 1.3.0
    • new date dialog (certificate generation)
    • new time dialog (certificate generation)
    • updated and improved animations

Reworked features and improvements:

  • reworked documentation link handling
  • reworked IoT-Server

Fixed bugs and issues:

  • fixed issue that caused app to crash when switching theme in BLE-Advertising page
  • fixed BLE-Scanning performance issues

Version 1.0.1 | 27.03.2021

New features in this release:

  • new reload-gesture for web-based content (licenses, documentation, …)
  • dedicated BLE-Testing beacon
    • new dialog to select any existing beacon for testing
    • new views to edit this beacon between tests
    • testing now uses advertising service
  • new BLE-Testing guide
  • new BLE-Testing documentation (Work in progress)
  • new client configuration documentation
  • new documentation features
    • new reload-gesture
    • support of markdown anchors and tables
    • support of links and references
  • new crash-management tab in settings
    • view all recent crashes
    • detailed error output
    • share and export crash logs

Reworked features and improvements:

  • reworked BLE-Testing (improvements & new features)
  • reworked documentation link handling
  • changed configuration template “interval” value to 60s

Fixed bugs and issues:

  • fixed issue that BLE-Testing sometimes crashed due to UI-failures
  • fixed issue that RSSI-History sometimes crashes due to concurrent data modification
  • fixed issue that causes app to crash when starting any service on OnePlus devices

Version 1.0.0 | 21.03.2021

New features in this release:

  • added new features to BLE testing
    • new “Sensor timeout” value
    • new “RSSI threshold” value
    • implemented interface to modify test beacon in testing page
  • ability to pause / resume the server in the status notification
  • ability to pause / resume the server in the launcher shortcut
  • ability to freeze the data view in the details page
  • swipe gesture to disconnect / delete clients in the client view
    • swipe the client to the right side to delete this client and ALL of the data received from this client
    • swipe the client to the left side (when receiving data) to close the connection
  • auto-complete engine for filtering (all pages: clients, sensors, main data, scanning)
  • ability to have multiple filters of same type
  • added all Aruba device classes to filtering
  • app automatically retries the last action if you grant missing permissions
Note: Android 11 introduced a delay for foreground services. If you start or stop the server it may take up to 10 seconds for the server to start or stop.

Reworked features and improvements:

  • reworked changelog-system and dialog
    • expand / collapse changelog entries (similar to privacy statement)
    • changed changelog to markdown format
  • reworked BLE testing
  • reworked filtering
  • added dialog to choose certificate export location
  • added colored background with action icon and name when swiping a list item

Fixed bugs and issues:

  • fixed issue that disabled certificate imports on Android 11 and higher
  • fixed issue that disabled certificate exports on Android 11 and higher

  • fixed BLE scanning performance (still lags on some devices, will be fixed in next release)
  • fixed bug that sometimes destroyed filtering after devices rotation
  • fixed bug that locked token expiration time in client view to 01.01.1970 (visual bug)
  • fixed bug that caused app to crash when it was rotated at the end of the setup
  • fixed bug that client status was stuck in “Handshaking…” when not sending messages
  • fixed bug that client log messages sometimes were in wrong order and duplicated

Beta 0.9.8 | 11.03.2021

  • fixed issue that disabled certificate import in newest Android update

Beta 0.9.7 | 06.03.2021

  • reworked web-dashboard
  • reworked logging-system
  • implemented recent update notifications
  • the server is now able to run in the background with the app closed
  • ble testing is now able to run in the background with the app closed
  • ble advertising is now able to run in the background with the app closed
  • implemented new client authentication type “client secret”
  • fixed issue: server port was not changeable
  • huge server performance improvements (processing time has been reduced from aprox. 600ms to aprox. 2ms)
  • various bug fixes

Beta 0.9.6 | 08.02.2021

  • added support for all device rotations, including new layouts for larger devices
  • added tutorial views that show up the first time you open the app - can also be reopened via the “guide” section of each page
  • added app documentation that can be opened via the “documentation” section of each page
  • implemented new markdown license format
  • reworked application setup
  • various fixes and improvements

Beta 0.9.5 | 28.01.2021

  • Refactored big parts of the app, including:
    • Logging & Dashboard pages
    • Client & Sensor pages
    • Telemetry, BLE data & WiFi data pages
    • BLE scanning & advertising pages
  • Huge performance improvements
  • Layout improvements and changes
  • Added BLE settings (scanning, testing)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Setup crash fixed

Beta 0.9.4 | 17.01.2021

  • Reworked data processing and layouts for all types of data
  • Privacy notice updated
  • Implemented Aruba Wi-Fi data messages
  • Implemented feature to notify user about license changes
  • Several bugs fixed
  • input issues in iBeacon advertising layout fixed
  • Styling updated

Beta 0.9.3 | 05.01.2021

  • Crash during authentication token generation on some devices fixed

Beta 0.9.2 | 04.01.2021

  • Layout issues on smaller devices fixed
  • Handling of Aruba ApHealthStatus messages implemented
  • Filter systems updated and reimplemented
  • UI updated and changed
  • Various bugs fixed

Beta 0.9.1 | 02.01.2021

  • Fixed various crashes
  • Optimized memory usage / performance
  • UI improvements & updates
  • Implemented ability to manage server / certificate from dashboard
  • Implemented ability to download config templates

Beta 0.9.0 | 29.12.2020

  • first public beta release of the application