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Wired-Port profile

Table of contents

A wired port profile configures the USB port on the AP as a wired ethernet port. It allows to configure all aspects of the ethernet connectivity of the USB device including the following:

  • Wired port settings (speed, duplex, …)
  • VLAN assignment
  • Network authentication settings (MAC-Auth, 802.1x, …)
  • ACL or Aruba user role assignment
  • Forwarding mode (tunneled, bridged) - ArubaOS-only

An wired port profile is bound to an AP or AP group using the following commands:


ap-group <ap-group-name>
    enet-usb-port-profile <wired-port-profile-name> (default: shutdown)

For details about the ap-group configuration refer to the ArubaOS CLI Reference - ap-group.

Aruba Instant

enet-usb-port-profile <wired-port-profile-name>

For details about the wired profile configuration refer to the ArubaOS CLI Reference - Wired profile.



ip access-list session allowall
    any any any permit
    ipv6 any any any permit
ip access-list session apprf-iot-device-sacl
user-role iot-device
    access-list session global-sacl
    access-list session apprf-iot-device-sacl
    access-list session allowall
aaa profile "iot-wired_aaa_prof"
    initial-role "iot-device"
ap wired-ap-profile "USB-to-ethernet-wiredApProf1"
    switchport access vlan 192
ap wired-port-profile "USB-to-ethernet-wiredPortProf1"
    wired-ap-profile "USB-to-ethernet-wiredApProf1"
    aaa-profile "iot-wired_aaa_prof"
ap-group "ApGroup1"
    enet-usb-port-profile "USB-to-ethernet-wiredPortProf1"

Aruba Instant

wlan access-rule "USB-to-ethernet-wiredPortProf1"
 index 1
 rule any any match any any any permit
wired-port-profile "USB-to-ethernet-wiredPortProf1"
 switchport-mode access
 allowed-vlan 192
 no shutdown
 access-rule-name "USB-to-ethernet-wiredPortProf1"
 type employee
enet-usb-port-profile "USB-to-ethernet-wiredPortProf1"