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IoT-Connector Scheme

This page contains the IoT-Connector data/entries that have been received in IoT-Connector Northbound packages by the server.

Note: The Aruba infrastructure of this feature is still in development. Therefore the app-side implementation of this feature is not final.

1) IoT-Connector item

IoT-Connector Item Scheme

This item represents an IoT-Connector data entry of the local database. The app currently does not put the reported devices of the data entry into a seperate database.
Tap this item to view the data of the entry.

a) Main content body

This view contains the main information of the data entry. The upper text of the item displays the parent client IP-Address of the entry. The center text of the item displays the topic of the package. This currently is either TOPIC_BLE_DATA or TOPIC_TELEMETRY. The lower text of the item shows the amount of reported devices in the data package.

Keep screen on

If this checkbox is enabled, the screen of the device will not turn off automatically.


Tap this item to open the documentation of this page.