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Device Class Filter

Table of contents

Device class filters are used to enabled specific IoT transport services over an IoT server connection and to control the amount of IoT data transferred on an Aruba infrastructure by using input/output filtering.

Every device class applies to a specific input filter on the IoT connectivity (radio-side) e.g., filtering BLE devices added to the BLE table and an output filter on the IoT server-side connection e.g., filtering which IoT data is forwarded to the remote server.

Concurrent input/output filtering can be disabled if required. In that case for example an AP could hold all seen BLE devices in its BLE table but only reports specific BLE devices to the remote server determined by the output filter. Please refer to the Aruba IoT documentation for details.

Multiple supported device classes can be enabled in the iot transport profile configuration to enable multiple IoT transport services over a single server connection.

A maximum of 16 devices classes can be enabled per iot transport profile.

Device class filter are grouped into the following categories.

BLE device class filter

For every supported BLE device vendor, identified by the Bluetooth SIG member list, a dedicated BLE device class is defined. One ore more BLE device classes can be selected in an iot transport profile to enable IoT transport services for the respective BLE vendor.

The special device class unclassified enables BLE telemetry reporting for unknown/unsupported BLE vendor devices.

The special device class all enables BLE telemetry reporting for all BLE device classes including unclassified BLE devices.

Wi-Fi device class filter

The device class wifi-assoc-sta and wifi-unassoc-sta enables the Wi-Fi telemetry transport service.

The device class wifi-tag enables the Wi-Fi RTLS data forwarding transport service.

USB/3rd party device class filter

The device class serial-data enables the serial-data forwarding to support 3rd party IoT radio solutions

ZigBee socket device class filter

The device class zsd enables the ZigBee socket device transport service to enable ZigBee applications.