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IoT-Connector Details

IoT-Connector Details Scheme

This page is used to view IoT-Connector data details.

Note: The Aruba infrastructure of this feature is still in development. Therefore the app-side implementation of this feature is not final.

1) Data information summary

This expandable card contains additional information on the viewed data. Available information:

Name Information
Origin IP-Address of the client that reported the devices
Data topic Topic of the data that was received (either TOPIC_TELEMETRY or TOPIC_BLE_DATA
Header version Version of the protobuf header in the message
Total device count Total count of devices contained in the data package

2) IoT-Connector device item

IoT-Connector Device Item Scheme

This item represents a BLE-Device that is included in the IoT-Connector report. Tap this item to show the detailed information on this device.

a) Protocol icon

Displays the icon of the current protocol of the BLE-Device. The IoT-Connector implementation currently does not support common protocols, like iBeacon or EddyStone.

b) Information summary

This view contains the main information of the BLE-Device. The upper text of this view displays the MAC-Address of the BLE-Device. The lower text of this view displays the protocols of the BLE-Device, if available.

c) Transmission strength

Displays the last transmission strength (RSSI) value in dBm.

3) Devices tab

This tab contains a list of all devices included in the report. This is the default page.

4) Detailed information

This list contains cards that display all the information included in the device report. The information can also be viewed in raw (JSON) format.

5) Details tab

This tab contains detailed information on a specific device. This page can be opened by either tapping a device from the list or manually opening the page via the tab.


Tap this item to open the documentation of this page.


Tap this item to start the interactive guide of this page.

Freeze / unfreeze data view

Tap this item to freeze the current data view. This means that updates of the data will be discarded and not displayed on the current page. Tap this item again to unfreeze the current page.