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Wi-Fi RTLS data forwarding solution

Table of contents

This example shows the required configuration to enable Wi-Fi RTLS data forwarding.

  • fqdn, ip-address - has to be replaced with the FQDN or IP address of the remote server
  • access-token - has to be replaced with the static access token used to connect to the remote server
  • client-id - has to be replaced with the client identifier string that is used by the remote server to identify the connecting Aruba infrastructure
  • mac-address - has to be replaced with the destination MAC address used by Wi-fi tags
  • ap-group - has to be replaced with the AP group name the configuration should be enabled on (multiple statements are required for multiple groups) (ArubaOS only)


iot transportProfile "Wi-Fi-RTLS"
    serverType Telemetry-Websocket
    serverURL "[ws|wss]://<fqdn|ip-address>[:<port>][<path>]"
    accessToken <access-token>
    clientId <client-id>
    deviceClassFilter wifi-tags
    include-ap-group <ap-group>
    rtlsDestMAC <mac-address>
iot useTransportProfile "Wi-Fi-RTLS"

Aruba Instant

iot transportProfile "Wi-Fi-RTLS"
 endpointURL "[ws|wss]://<fqdn|ip-address>[:<port>][<path>]"
 endpointType telemetry-websocket
 payloadContent wifi-tags
 endpointToken <access-token>
 endpointID <client-id>
 rtlsDestMAC <mac-address>

iot useTransportProfile "Wi-Fi-RTLS"