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Solu-M ESL

Table of contents

This example shows the required configuration to enable the Solu-M ESL soltuion.

  • vlan-id - has to be replaced with the desired access vlan id to be used for the ESL USB gateway
  • ap-group - has to be replaced with the AP group name the configuration should be enabled on (multiple statements are required for multiple groups) (ArubaOS only)

The ArubaOS configuration tunnels the ESL USB gateway traffic to the Aruba controller into the vlan vlan-id controlled though the controller firewall.

The Aruba Instant configration egress the ESL USB gateway traffic at the access point uplink port into the desired vlan (tagged). The AP’s uplink switche port has to allow the vlan-id tagged.


ap usb-acl-prof "Solu-M-USB-GW-acl"
    rule vendor All action permit
ap usb-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW"
    usb-acl-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW-acl"
ap-group <ap-group>
    usb-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW"
ip access-list session allowall
    any any any permit
    ipv6 any any any permit
user-role Solu-M-USB-GW
    access-list session allowall
aaa profile "Solu-M-USB-GW_aaa_prof"
    initial-role "Solu-M-USB-GW"
ap wired-ap-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW-wiredApProf"
    switchport access vlan <vlan-id>
ap wired-port-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW-wiredPortProf"
    wired-ap-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW-wiredApProf"
    aaa-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW_aaa_prof"
ap-group <ap-group>
    enet-usb-port-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW-wiredPortProf"

Aruba Instant

usb acl-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW-acl"
 rule Solu-M-SLG-DM101 permit

usb profile "Solu-M-USB-GW"
 usb-acl "Solu-M-USB-GW-acl"

usb-profile-binding "Solu-M-USB-GW"

wlan access-rule "Solu-M-USB-GW-wiredPortProf"
 rule any any match any any any permit

wired-port-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW-wiredPortProf"
 switchport-mode access
 allowed-vlan <vlan-id>
 native-vlan <vlan-id>
 no shutdown
 access-rule-name "Solu-M-USB-GW-wiredPortProf"
 type employee

enet-usb-port-profile "Solu-M-USB-GW-wiredPortProf"