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SES Imagotag ESL configuration

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SES-Imagotag’s Electronic Shelf Label system uses a vendor-specific USB integration with the Aruba infrastructure using a dedicated set of configuration commands. In ArubaOS the SES-Imagotag configuration is enabled in the ap system-profile where Aruba Instant uses an sesimagotag-esl-profile.

ArubaOS Aruba Instant Description
ap system-profile <ap-system-profile-name> n/a Name of the ap system-profile.
Only supported on ArubaOS.
Required input values:
- ap-system-profile-name - AP system profile name
n/a sesimagotag-esl-profile Adds a SES-Imagotag ESL configuration profile.
Only supported on Aruba Instant.
sesImagotag-esl-channel <esl-channel> sesImagotag-esl-channel <sl-channel> The the radio channel of SES-Imagotag ESL radio.
Available options are:
- esl-channel - Range [0-10], 127 is ESL-server managed channel.
ArubaOS: If no ESL channel is configured the AP will select a channel automatically at boot time (but not automatic change later).
Aruba Instant: A static channel or 127 has to be set manually. There is no auto channel selection on Aruba Instant.
sesImagotag-esl-radio-coexistence sesImagotag-esl-radio-coexistence Enables the coexistence function between the SES-Imagotag ESL radio and the AP 2.4G Wi-Fi radio. When ESL radio tries to transmit packets the Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz radio is suspected for milliseconds to reduce interference.
(Default: Enabled)
sesImagotag-esl-server <FQDN> sesImagotag-esl-server <FQDN> Adds the FQDN of SES-Imagotag ESL server. FQDN setting has a higher priority than sesImagotag-esl-serverip if both are confiugured.
Available options are:
- FQDN - FQDN of the SES-Imagotag ESL server.
sesImagotag-esl-serverip <ip-address> sesImagotag-esl-serverip <ip-address> Configures the ip address of the SES-Imagotag ESL server.
Available options are:
- ip-address - SES-Imagotag ESL server ip address
sesImagotag-esl-tls-auth sesImagotag-esl-tls-auth Enables TLS authentication of the AP with the SES-Imagotag ESL server. The AP uses the factory default TPM certificate to autheitcated itself to the SES server and use the pre-loaded SES server’s trusted root certificate to validate the SES server certificate
(Default: Disabled).
sesImagotag-esl-tls-fqdn-verify sesImagotag-esl-tls-fqdn-verify Enables TLS certificate verification for the SES-Imagotag ESL server connection checking the configured FQDN against the TLS certificate presented by the SES-Imagotag server during connection establishment. Only applies if sesImagotag-esl-server <FQDN> is configured to use the SES cloud server.
(Default: Disabled)

Please find an example configuration here